Melody Wilhelm has been writing our company newsletter since its inception about a year ago. Prior to that, she wrote our copy for our brochure and completely renovated our website.

One of the many things I enjoy about working with Melody is that she is such a good listener and asks the questions to really get to know our business. When we discuss a topic for our newsletter, she already has a good idea of what we do in our business, and the copy reflects that knowledge.

Everything she has written has been professional, easy and enjoyable to read.

I would highly recommend Melody as a copywriter. Allow her to spend just a small amount of time with you and you will be impressed with how she puts into words what you want to say, in a way that you probably never thought you could say it!

Bob Boselowitz
Drexel Hill Painting, Charleston, SC


Working with Melody Wilhelm was such a wonderful experience!

I was only 2 1/2 weeks away from a speaking engagement and having trouble putting all my information together. I talked to Melody and she asked great questions about my topic, who the audience was, what made them unique and what business objectives I wanted to accomplish.

She provided clear goals and timeframes for the project, always followed up as promised and made me feel so comfortable. She even sent me the talk a day earlier than promised which gave me additional time to practice and be more confident!

The results of the talk were incredible and the best ever. Two-thirds of the attendees signed up for additional information and my weekly newsletter!

She did such a great job and I would highly recommend her for any copywriting project. Iʼm looking forward to working with her again!

Thanks so much Melody!

Vicki Heise
Live Your Healthy Life


Melody Wilhelm is one of the best copywriters I know. Working closely with her over a 3-year period, she was always on time, went the extra mile, and she nailed the copy every time.

Her understanding of SEO and SEO copywriting, coupled with her marketing savvy, make her unique in a sea of copywriters who don’t seem to grasp the concept that copy should attract, engage, and convert.

I highly recommend Melody for web copy, email marketing, blog writing, and press releases. She is a gem to work with.

Michelle Salater
President, Sūmèr, LLC


Since first working with Melody in 2009 at Sūmèr, LLC, I knew immediately that she would bring great enthusiasm and intellect to our team. Through strong ambition and a passion for writing, Melody performed above and beyond for the Sūmèr team, and I have been proud to work in a virtual environment with her.

During her time at Sūmèr, Melody produced exceptional website copy, marketing collateral, and blog posts for clients, taking the time to learn the intricate details of each client’s brand.

I can attest to the fact that clients adored speaking with her. From her kind and outgoing demeanor to her ability to listen, and her remarkable expertise in writing marketing copy to her dedication to the job, Melody was liked and appreciated by all of our clients and their team members.

Aside from her outstanding writing, listening, and communication skills, Melody has time and time again proved her strong belief in honesty, hard work, kindness, and the desire to produce the best product possible.

Brittany Urbach
Love Your Blog Manager, Sūmèr, LLC


I’ve worked with Melody for three years as her copy editor. She writes quality copy, has an excellent grasp of grammar, and is always open to suggestions and changes from the client and from me. Easy to work with, Melody makes the entire copy process seamless and painless. She always turns in copy on time, and she finishes edits in a timely manner.

Penny Salater
Copy Editor, Sūmèr, LLC


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