Special Reports and White Papers:

Show Prospects What You Do and How You Do It


One of the best ways to publicize your company is to produce special reports, also known as free reports or white papers. Not only can they be given away to visitors to your site or store, but they can also be used as a thank-you for people who sign up for your newsletter or e-zine.

Special reports should address a concern or worry that your prospect has and your product solves. They should be clear and concise, and they should always over-deliver information.

This type of report establishes you and your company as THE experts – the go-to guys and gals.

The special report below solves the problems that home brewers face when their beer turns out a bit…oddly:

Free report Downtown Home Brew

This special report discusses ways to quit smoking without killing anyone:

50 Ways to Get Through a Nicotine Fit 


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