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“I’m torn.
I think Melody is a wonderful writer and it’s sooo nice NOT to have to waste my precious time editing her work (because it’s already excellent), but I’m afraid if I tell everyone about her then I’ll have to share my secret weapon with the rest of the world. I’ve tried a lot of writers and Melody has been the best by far. She does what I ask and delivers when she promises to. It doesn’t get any better than that.”  —Peggy Baron,

Well written, SEO-optimized articles and blogs can be used in a variety of ways:

  • To drive traffic to your website or social media pages.
  • To establish credibility and promote yourself as an expert.
  • To provide general information, advice, or specialized content such as free reports.
  • To complement your search engine optimization efforts. SEO articles are written for humans and for the search engines. They are not keyword stuffed, but they are optimized, relevant content that draws traffic and gives visitors quality, useful content.
  • To repurpose and sell as PLR articles, PLR blogs, or special reports.
  • And most importantly, to help your ideal clients recognize you as the leader or service provider they need.

Once published, articles and blogs continue to generate publicity for you for months, if not years. While you can easily find article writers or ghostbloggers online, you want top-quality SEO articles and blog posts to drive top-quality traffic to your website or blog.

Some clients prefer to add their own keywords, use our articles for short reports, or resell our articles as PLR, so we always ask whether you want us to optimize for the search engines.

Take a look at the samples below, and let’s get started promoting your business!

For rates, contact me.

SEO-Optimized Articles and Blog Posts:

The Reasons You Quit Smoking Must be Yours Alone – article optimized for “quit smoking”

Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Manager – blog post optimized for “social media manager”

3 Quick Tips for Marketing with Facebook – article-length blog post optimized for “marketing with Facebook” 


Non-Optimized Articles and Blog Posts:

Is Your Advertising as Effective as It Should Be? 

7 Painless Ways to Find Time for Your Copywriting Business

Is He Cheating by Thinking about Sex with Others? Are You? 

3 Foolproof Ways to Create the Relationship You Always Wanted


If you’d like us to research and write articles, let us know.


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