Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do you know anything about our industry?
Part of our job is to learn about your business and how we can apply proven marketing strategies to increase your profits. We have worked with clients in several different fields, from dog daycare to neurology, and we have experiences of our own in other areas. Most tried-and-true marketing techniques can be adapted to just about any business.

If you do not feel we are a good fit, we will be happy to recommend someone else to you.

What if we just want marketing ideas and don’t care about having our copy written?
We can certainly discuss marketing options with you. However, rest assured that we’ll be talking about your website!

Remember, your words are the most powerful asset your business has. Copy is the golden thread that ties together everything you do, from calling customers to writing proposals to invoicing. They need to be the right words. A beautiful website with bad copy will not sell as much as a plain site with great copy.

Where are you and can you work with me if I’m in another state?
We are located near the mile high city of Denver, Colorado. Through phone and email, we work very successfully with anyone, anywhere.

How much does copywriting cost?
We normally charge by the project, as it is the most fair to everyone. You know what you will pay before we start work. When quoting, we determine the size and scope of the project, plus any discovery (research) and meeting time, and then base our rates accordingly.

If you would like a more specific idea of pricing, please contact us. Since projects vary widely, it would be impossible to give an exact figure here, or even a ballpark number. We have done projects ranging from $50 to several thousand dollars.

Keep in mind that this is a business investment, just like your equipment or supplies.

How does this work? Do I have to pay anything upfront?
We offer a complimentary consultation about your needs and how we can meet them. If you decide to work with us, we will need the signed contract, all background materials, and one-half the project fee upfront before we can schedule the work.

We will send the first draft to you for approval on or before the agreed-upon date, then we will make any revisions you request. Unless other arrangements have been made, if you are a new client we require that the remaining half of the project cost is paid before the final copy is turned over to you.

How long does it take for you to write the copy?
That depends on the size of the project. A press release may take just a few days, while a full website revision could take a few weeks.

What if I don’t like the copy?
The project fee includes one revision to be made per the provisions of the contract (usually within 30 days of final copy receipt).


For a complimentary consultation, let us know what your needs are.


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