Your Relationship with Your Customers

Is Your Most Valuable Business Asset.

How’s That Going?


Does your marketing grab your clients and not let go until they buy from you?

Then after they buy, do you contact them frequently?

…Or do you forget about them?

Marketing copy–your website, ezine, and emails–must inspire trust and confidence in you and your product. It needs to:

  • Speak directly to the target market for your product or service
  • Connect with them
  • Uncover their problem or pain, and then…
  • Show them (not just tell them) that you have the solution and why they need to buy it now.

… And then you need to keep them buying and referring others. That’s the part most business owners forget. They’re so busy chasing shiny new customers that they forget about those who’ve bought already.

You’ve already done the work to get those clients, so keep them buying! Create and nurture a relationship with your customers, and you’ll

Customers won’t buy if you don’t heal the pain or fix the problem. And they won’t buy a second time if you don’t create and nurture a relationship with them.

That’s where we come in. We make sure you’ve got killer marketing copy and that you stay in touch with your customers. You don’t want to drop the ball after you’ve done all the work in getting them to buy the first time…you want them to be repeat buyers who bring you referrals.

Marketing copy that does its job shows your clients how your product or service will benefit them and why they need and want it…and they’ll love you for it.

Marketing is not about you and how great you are–it is all about your customers and how you will solve their problem. To get them to buy, you must show them:

  • What they want and need to heal their pain
  • Why your competitors haven’t healed the pain
  • What they will get from you that will finally help, and
  • How they will benefit from doing business with you long-term.

I’ll ask again…is your marketing doing what you need it to do?

If not, discover the power of copy and let’s grab some customers!